by Selia Qynn, lyrics 1/12/95, music 8/97

Winter rain outside my window,
My blankets cannot keep me warm.
Through the pane, I feel the wind blow
Mirroring how I'm torn.

You speak the truth in undertones,
Then cover it with lies,
I believe because I love you,
And you believe because you're blind.

The horror of it all seeps in,
As you insistently deny.
I wrestle with dark fears,
Making the worst of time.

I understand what you are saying.
You make your point with a flare,
But my dreams are so fitfull with stirrings,
As secrets once hidden lay bare.

I see you in the distance,
As I make my way to leave.
You run to stop me with insistence.
There is no loss to grieve.

So hold me a little bit closer.
To the dreams that keep us warm.
We must huddle here or surely perish,
Tortured in this storm.

Two mortal hearts embracing,
Beating with the same desire.
Then a moment of magic ore'takes us,
Immortal love transpires.