by Selia Qynn, lyrics 3/4/95 & 5/31/95, music 8/97

Baby, I miss you so much tonight,
It's like a stabbing, twisting ache,
Relentlessly draining my thirsty soul
And keeping me awake.

And there is no end to the bleeding;
No solace or comfort, save sleeping;
To pacify these empty arms,
And eyes accustomed to weeping.

No pillow as full as your passion,
No blanket as warm as your charms,
No clock with its incessant ticking,
Like my ear on your chest in your arms.

What is this wicked misfortune,
That binds me as surely as chains?
Why must I suffer so blindly,
And not see an end to the pain?

When my only sin is I love you;
And I gasp for your breath like Spring air.
I'm silently praying for Springtime;
And waiting is my cross to bear.

My wishes have been my companions,
On this journey of faith I am on.
But, Faith has fallen away now,
And the journey is lonely and cold.

My wishes have gone by the wayside;
Fair weather companions at best;
But the dream still goes on with its own life,
And this longing can never find rest.

You gave me your love once forever.
Now it seems all you gave me were words.
A promise implied can't be broken.
And flying is only for birds.

Still I dream of your sweet breath upon me,
Breathing my essence in yours.
Like a song on the wind of my longing,
Your whispering promise allures.