By Selia Qynn 4/2001
to the tune of "When You Wish Upon A Star"

When you go to Vintage Bar,
You won’t have to travel far
Any wine your heart desires,
They’ll serve to you.

And if you can’t remember what,
Tina’s right there on the spot.
She remembers what you drink
When you forgot.

Snack plates for your appetite,
Little bread that’s round and white
Cheese and fruit and
Tina’s special duck pate.

If you like the duck pate
That is more than I can say
I think the best ducks are kinds
That swim away.

Live local talent all the time
Music flows just like the wine
If you’re not a duck,
You’ll sure be feeling fine.

So if you have an evening free.
Please stop by yourself and see.

713 355 3093