by Selia Qynn

In these days of trials when directions are not clear,
It's hard to know exactly what to do.
Do you stay or do you go? Is it not or is it so?
You might ask how all this stuff relates to you.
Well, I'm not sure I know how, but I'm sure somehow it does.
Because you hear me and I'm singing just to you.
You can choose your special part.
It's the one you know by heart.
Ain't it funny how its really up to you?

My thoughts get so confusing, weaving webs of fear and doubt;
Like a spider traps herself, I'm paralyzed.
What can free me from this mess now is anybody's guess.
I've been sabotaged by my own darker side.
What is there to be done about this state I'm in?
Solutions locked up by a very missing key.
The answer lies within.
Look inside. Find a friend.
Ain't it funny how its really up to me?

Well, time is quickly fading, and only now remains.
Our reference points are not so well-defined.
But, our actions are ourselves. There's really nothing else.
So stay connected in your heart and mind.
Yes, time is just illusion. The only time is now.
What we harbor in our hearts will manifest.
So play your part with all your heart.
It's up to you to do your very best.

There are millions on this planet. Why so many of us here?
Is there a method to the madness and the pain?
I believe it is so. We need each other's help to grow
And when we fall to help us get back up again.
We've come so far to reach this point, at the pinnacle, it seems;
And a positive outlook is now a must.
We can begin the great backslide, or we can spread our wings and fly.
Ain't it funny how it's really up to us?