by Selia Qynn 5/14/90

I face the morning, I face the dawn;
Feeling down from staying up all night long.
And then begin a brand new day,
With the same old thoughts I was thinking yesterday.
The mirror looks so cold. Confusion has its hold.
Into the glass I peer.
Searching for inner wisdom, Searching for me,
Is there anybody here?

The words last night we spoke in haste.
Can't take them back. It's such a waste.
Stakes were too high, investment dear,
To remember love, forget the fear.
I over-analyze. Why do you criticize?
Why do we argue at all?
How can we work it out? Conflict just leads to doubt;
And we're headed for a fall.

So here we are now once again,
In the shadow of what might have been.
You look at me. I look at you.
You're looking past. I'm looking through.
Why am I so intense? Why don't you make more sense?
Why do we worry at all?
What difference can it make? We made a clean mistake,
That tomorrow will seem small.

They say that love's a paradox, I know it's true -
A paradise for two.
They say love never ends, it just goes away.
In search of someone new.