by Selia Qynn, lyrics 7/94, music 8/97

Like the egg within the bird,
Like the bird within the wind,
Like the wind within the sky
That holds the earth we're living in,
I'm living in this hope
Like a hand inside a glove
But its all to soon to tell...
In the springtime of our love.

I hear the raindrops fall.
Crystal clear I see it all,
Our love will always grow.

Like the shoreline holds the sea,
Like the sea within the sand,
Like the sand within the rocks
That lay along the silver strand,
You held me in your arms
And shared the dreams you're dreaming of
And my feelings still grow deeper...
In the summer of our love.

I feel the autumn wind
Bringing changes once again,
And another season goes.

Like the fog that hugs the hills,
Like the hills drink in the dew,
Like dew collects on flowers,
That's the way I'm drawn to you.
So if you're ever thirsty,
You know just what to do,
In the autumn of our love...
I'll still be there for you.

I feel the north wind blow.
I taste the freezing snow,
And I see it in your hair.