by Selia Qynn, 7/15/95

I remember how familiar your gaze upon me felt,
Promises unspoken in your eyes,
And a heart of hopeful wishes silent in myself,
Secretly behind a cool disguise

But there's a warm place inside my heart you've already been;
Where you planted all your charms to bloom and grow.
You tilled the soil, we moved the earth,
You fed my soul, we gave love birth.
How can I ever let you go?
So hold on baby, hold on tight.
Don't let go of love so right.
Spend forever here tonight with me.

I still recall the place... the look upon your face,
The night we met and watched two worlds collide.
Burning with excitement beneath controlled desire;
Embarrassed by the part we could not hide.

I sang to you my fantasies, you recognized yourself;
The lover of my dreams you'd come to be.
I barely could believe it as I handed you my heart.
Knowing you already had the key.