by Selia Qynn 4/88

I've always been a searcher, always wanted to know
Everything about anything I thought would help me grow.
When I learned I can't recall but it caused my heart to overflow,
The knowledge of Your Promise Lord,
That we may someday grow Like You.

I want to open up my heart and live in harmony.
I want to ease the pain of those who suffer needlessly.
And do all I can to help us all become what we were meant to be.
Dear Lord, surround us in Your Light,
And set our spirits free In You.

I want to be an inspiration. I want to really shine
And be an open channel for Your Love and Light Divine.
Let Your Spirit show in me by the example that I live.
Dear Jesus, guide me in your Grace.
I want to learn to give Like You.

As a child, I used to dream of soaring like a little dove.
And I would cry when waking up because I hadn't flown enough.
But now I want to live the life I've only been dreaming of.
Dear Jesus, lift me up above.
I want to learn to love Like You.

When my life is over, I pray it was a useful one.
And that I reach the destination of this journey I set out upon.
I'm thankful for Your watchful care from the rising to the setting sun,
Let Your Kingdom come to earth and Your Will be done.