by Selia Qynn

There's a cold wind blowin 'round here again.
I can feel it comin', chills on my skin.
Should I hold on tighter? Or do I just let go?
And let it blow, let it blow.

There's no way to deny it, the chill from silence born
Not a word in the evening or in the early morn.
Wish the sun would come shinin' on this heart of mine,
And let it shine, let it shine.

You don't really know me and I don't know you.
So what's the point if we argue different points of view?
You are my brother. Will you be my friend?
We can win, we both can win.

Nobody's right here and nobody's wrong.
This "every man for himself" thing just goes on and on.
Why separate the world by whether friend or foe?
Let it go, let it go.

When it gets this confusing, what does it take to heal
An unreal situation? Maybe a word that's real.
Put it on a banner and wave in high above;
The word is love, oh, love.