by Selia Qynn, 1/90

The sweet smell of jasmine fills my mind,
With memories of another place and time.
Promises all broken now,
Nobody really knows quite how;
But thanks for all the very best, my friend,
For living in the moment way back then.

We had love and forever to unwind,
Believing life would never be unkind.
Two young hearts would surely burn,
To know the lessons they must learn.
Lucky for us we could not know the end;
That we would never pass that way again.

Your dreams took you far away from home.
I wished you well. My life continued on.
And there were lovers, husbands, wives,
And little ones to grace our lives.
Plenty smiles and, oh, so many tears.
Ah, the lessons learned in filling all those years.

Well life has its riches and some do cost.
For everything we gain, there's something lost.
Then there's the blessings that are free.
Heaven smiled on you and me.
And jasmine on the breeze once in a while,
And thoughts of you still can make me smile.

Sometimes a fragrance in the breeze
Brings back those jasmine memories.