Selia Qynn, lyrics 8/4/96, music 8/97

What would you do if I gave you a rose?
Would you hold it tenderly up to your nose?
What if your blood were spilled on the thorn?
Would you still be grateful, or would you be torn?
Pulled by the passion - frozen by fear,
Not sure of why desire brought you here.

Did you know that beauty demands the embrace
Of a heart with courage to honor her grace?
She knows that everything dies or transforms.
The rose knows the intimate truth of her thorns.
The rose gave her life to come to this place.
There is no end to what she'll do for grace.

If you breathe in her essence in spite of the pain,
Then the death of the rose will not be in vain.

If I gave you a, if I gave you a... rose.