by Selia Qynn, 10/27/90

Something's wrong between us. I can feel it in my bones.
Even when you're here with me, I feel alone.
I wonder if you notice, I know it must show.
Sometimes I feel I could let go. Say goodbye to the love we know.

On the surface it feels smooth and there's room to slide.
But there's an undercurrent deep and swift that runs your life.
You've been denying it for years. Does that ever get old?
When are you going to take hold? Find the courage to be bold?

Do you love me for the woman that I want to be?
Or do I only play a role in your fantasy?
I have given up myself to be a prisoner of love.
But its not love when its this tough. And I will never be enough.

Don't give me empty promises, they're only words.
Your actions tell me different and it feels absurd.
How much longer can this masquerade control our every move?
And what does it all prove? The way I see it, we both lose.

So don't pretend you're happy, there's too much at stake.
I can feel the truth you're hiding for my sake.
I can't promise you my life and I don't want to try.
You know it never would feel right.
You'll never own me, so please don't try.

You don't want me for myself; and our love was all in vain.
If I had known from the start, I would have spared us the pain.