by Selia Qynn, 5/19/94

I trust you like an angel who would catch me if I fall.
A friend until the end I know you'll be.
And sometimes you're an open book, and I can see it all.
I know that you don't know how much I see.

You were feeling brave once, and tried to speak of love.
But you didn't have to tell me 'cause I knew.
Where now is that brave bird that once was in my hand?
I guess I wasn't watching when she flew.

You talk of love, and fear that love could go makes you afraid.
But, let me say we all have our prices that we've paid.
And a trail of tears followed me up to this very day.

Feelings carry hearts away, but the mind pulls in the reins.
In the nick of time, we stop to think it through.
The answer waits so clearly, but immobilized we stand,
In fear of doing things we can't undo.

Some lessons are not easy. They make of us a fool.
The guiding light grows dim
And somehow life just seems more cruel.
And the wherewithall has flown with all the rules.

Sometimes I'm a sparrow. Sometimes I like to fly
Sometimes I just hang on to the wire.
But the times I love you best is when you sing your song.
It somehow makes my step a little lighter.

Sometimes I'm an eagle. Sometimes I fly so high.
Gliding on the chilly mountain wind.
But the times I love you best is when I look into your eyes.
I can see the steady strength within.

Somethings are not meant to be. We never will be birds.
Somethings go unspoken and they never will be heard.
But, they find their own language when we don't have the words.

And when the night is cloudy, I still believe in stars,
Even when the darkness blocks the light.
They're shining out like beacons on the other side of hope.
You can see them when you hold your heart just right.