by Selia Qynn, 8/1/90

Be still my little baby, and rest my little child.
Be patient little man, this life thing takes a while.
Many winding pathways lie ahead you yet unknown,
But only one will be behind you to show you how you've grown.

To show you how you've grown.

What questions will you ponder? What answers will you find?
Many visions lie unseen now within a budding mind.
What happiness will find you? What joy will you impart?
Many dreams yet to awaken lie sleeping in your heart.

Lie sleeping in your heart.

Today you made me treasures of paper, tape and love,
Delivered with a kiss, as soft as any dove.
I'll keep these gifts of childhood forever in my heart.
I'm gathering the memories of tape and paper art.

Of tape and paper art.

On wings of promise flying, pursuing your own dream.
There'll come a day when you will no longer cry for me.
What choices will be made then? What blessings will you know?
Your destiny awaits you, and beckons you to go.

And beckons you to go

Try not to hurry through life, take time to laugh and run;
And try to live each day like it was your only one.
It's easy to forget this, as it happens day by day.
Take time to gather memories when beauty comes your way.

When beauty comes your way.

This moment will be gone soon. I dare not look away.
The winds of change are sweeping these precious hours away.
So let me watch you sleeping, for soon you'll be a man.
I'm gathering the memories, I'm taking all I can.
I'm taking all I can.