by Selia Qynn , 11/9/89

It's been a long time coming
For these things to come to pass;
But walls are coming down all over
And Freedom's out at last!

The walls we build are many for reasons not so clear,
But cut through to the bottom line, we put them up in fear.
But the walls we build are not so high that we can't rise above.
And in the end, when truth is known, we tear them down for love.
We tear them down for love.

United against oppression, our numbers are so strong;
But here's to the man with strength to say, "It could be I was wrong."
And there's nothing like the music, no, nothing like the sound,
Of the joyous ring, when free men shout "Let's tear this boundary down!
Let's tear this boundary down!"

Dazu gehorte viele zeit
Aber jetzt fallen langsam mauren
Freude und frieden kommen wieder
Und freiheit herrscht zu guter letzt!

When our children claim a free world as their inheritance,
They'll know the seed was planted by those who took the chance,
And staked their lives for freedom, crying, "Liberty!"
With love and courage hand in hand,
We set each other free, we set each other free.

So no more separation, it's time this madness ceased.
Time to learn from all the tears that we can live in Peace.
We can live in peace.