by Selia Qynn, 10/30/95

I used to think a lifetime was forever.
Until I knew an hour could be too.
But time stood still the night we met... forever
Seemed close somehow as I smiled back at you.

I've given all I am to this brief passing.
This lifetime just a twinkling, fleeting thing.
Now so enmeshed, I want to live forever
With you, my love and stay here in this dream.

An eon comes and goes, Love, in your breathing.
Your beating heart still echoes in my dreams.
Your shining eyes are fixed upon my longing.
And forever isn't long enough, it seems.

So come with me, my love, and walk beside me.
We'll throw the funeral flowers to the wind.
And let the sweetest petals blow back on us.
And take this time for us as we pretend.

No, let's not think of times we're not together.
Nor let this night dissolve into the dawn.
An eon comes and goes, Love, in your breathing.
And our beating hearts will echo on and on.