by Selia Qynn, lyrics 1/9/95, music 8/97

Constantly carving inner landscapes,
I was watered well. My garden was green.
Now, hollow deserts span the miles,
Without a shred of hope between.

You and I were so in love.
To have forsaken must have cost
Fortunes in the spirit realm;
To discard what we treasured most.

If there is really a thing
As right and wrong, then we have sinned.
Because we made the angels cry,
When we gave up this love we're in.

Goodbye my love, I'd like to say,
Best wishes in your choice.
Goodbye my love, I try to say.
But sorrow claims my voice.

So now my desert winds will blow.
Harshly on all who venture in.
And curse the one who took the rain.
And all the dreams that could have been.

Constantly carving inner landscapes,
Constantly carving. Water, I want water.