by Selia Qynn, May 1994

I met you in the Garden a million years ago.
Neither of us knew anything.
I've seen that look before. I'd know it anywhere.
Your voice has an old familiar ring.
Hearts meet hearts. Eyes meet eyes.
A spark of recognition flies.

It's a circle we have made... Or is it just by chance?
That we would meet again and share another dance.

It started out in Eden. It was all down hill from there.
What happens now is just too hard to say.
If we could surrender to the wisdom of our hearts,
What will happen always finds it's way.
A golden moment beckons me. I'm not sure of what I see.
A golden moment calls to you. Still, you disregard it too.
The moment vanishes for us because we have not learned to trust

That its a circle we have made. No, it is not by chance
That we would meet again And share another dance.

I met you in the Garden a million years ago...