by Selia Qynn, 6-7/8-94

You said I lead a charmed existence, and asked me for a song.
I'll try to find the right words. I hope they don't come out wrong.
The shields go up so very fast with tender feelings bare.
But it's easy being foolish with magic in the air.

I want to sing you love songs, but then I get so shy.
It's just a foolish fantasy about when hearts collide.
And how they can't deny it when the truth is ringing clear.
Like objects in the mirror, they're closer than they appear.

It seems we have this secret life that goes on just below
The consience and the consciousness, where wise men never go,
But somehow it's a safe place for feelings that have grown.
So they run for cover on the telephone.

Fantasies are stories. Illusions are not real.
And tricks are never magic, but feelings always feel.
If all that I can be to you is just a fantasy;
Then my heart is your hostage, I'm not free.