by Selia Qynn, lyrics 4/95, music 7/97

I can come out to play, but you can't come in.
Meet me at the back door on Wednesday.
And, someone's watching, so don't tip your hand.
What would my family and friends say?

What a condition you've made for me -
To live with or live without you.
I long to hear you say "We'll work it out."
But, maybe you doubt it.

You fiercely guard your separate life,
And I question your intention.
Will you ever let me in?
Is it too much to mention?

Doubt, like shadows, softly fall, until the night prevails,
Have crept into our perfect love, and destined us to fail.

But destiny was sweeter when
We dreamed our beautiful dreams.
And Winter seems eternal,
As I await the Spring.

Now my good sense won't let me be.
It knows what I need to do...
Leave behind these empty dreams,
And all this bitter blue.