Habitat House Concert Series was begun by Selia Qynn in 2004. The concerts are held in her garden which is a Backyard Habitat certified by the National Wildlife Federation. This urban paradise, is nestled in West Houston, 15 minutes from downtown. Artists perform in a wisteria-covered gazebo, with pillowed benches seating 65-70. The back yard features numerous other cozy seating areas within hearing distance of the stage. Truly, there isn't a bad seat in the garden.

THE AMBIENCE... Probably the most alluring aspect of the garden is the numerous little nooks, crannies and water features on the grounds. More than a dozen pleasant sitting areas generously pepper the landscape. Another feature worth mentioning are the birds. There are two large aviaries on the property that house finch, white doves and chukars. The aviary directly behind the stage has doves that can often be heard cooing along with the music, adding an enchanting element to the mix. White racing pigeons and ring neck doves roam about the property during the day and go to their cages at night. There is also Pippin, a runner duck, Mr. Bun a rabbit, and Lucy, a well-behaved goose.



The habitat covers three residential lots. Depending upon vacancies, there is sometimes an apartment available. The backyard features a 12,000 gallon pond, waterfall and koi - a peaceful place for meditating, writing, or just enjoying nature.



ABOUT THE HOST... Selia is a singer/song-writer, graphic artist, photographer, textile artisan and habitat steward. She has a greeting card line featuring her garden and photography, entitled  "Greetings from the Habitat". She has authored an amusing volume of true, short stories entitled "The Critter Chronicles" about life in a habitat that harbors a plethora of wildlife, half-wild and tame critters, as well as native flora, all floursing in her enchanted little corner of the world. Her favorite pastime is being in her lush and sprawling garden nurturing growing things, enjoying the company of birds, tending the flowers and vegetables, and seeing things that aren’t there yet. Her wish is to spread the word that anyone who wishes to can create Heaven right here on this fine green planet we all call home.