A warrior wild and wonderful waltzed in while I wasn't watching, and whisked my unwitting heart away. I wonder when he will want his willing woman in waiting. I weave webs of wishes weekly waiting for Wednesday. When his whispering words woo me, I walk weak and wobbly, wallow wet and wiggly. Watery waves of warmth wash weightlessly, while I wriggle wantonly. Once, without a word, he wrapped his wizardry around my waist, my wrists, we wrestled, and wound up waking his willful wand. Overwhelmed, I whimpered when he wielded his weapon, Wow! What a whopper weiner! A wee bit woozy, I wondered whether I would withstand the whole whammy. Willpower waned while wattage went up, and writhing, I welcomed his well-timed wildfire within waiting walls. I wailed, "Win my wilderness!" His warm-blooded weapon had it's way. And whoa! What a way!

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