I have an impetuous, impulsive invitation to incite incentive for an incorrigible, instinctive incident with incriminating, illicit implementations of your innermost impassioned imagination. I'm intrigued initially, ignoring inhibitions and impending implications of irrational impulses. Intoxicating interactions imply inklings of invisible innuendo and insinuate intangible yet indeed invigorating intentions. I'm inclined to indulge illogical instincts, and implement invaluable intuitions and incense. I instigate intense interest in this interlude and its infectious infatuation with images until the inner itch is impossible to ignore. Intensity ignites an inextinguishable inferno. Indivisibly interlocked with inescapable involvement imminent, I'm immersed in improvising incoherent incantations to invoke this intimate interaction. Insidiously, you initiate intercourse. Inch by inch, you insert your immensely inflated instrument of insemination, introducing an indelible indention into my interior. Now inside, you insatiably insist until I'm irrevocably influenced by inescapable impulses. I implore you to impale me! impact me! inundate and inject me incessantly until I'm infinitely impressed and incapable of impishly inquiring... if it is in.

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