I have this habitual hunger for my handsome hero who isn't here. He is hovering high on the horizon. Hearsay has it he happened on a holiday, and I won't hear his heartbeat for a hundred horrendous hours. I can hardly handle the huge hurdle. The heat of his hand makes my high strung heart hop. I have this hunger to have him here, and I have a hunch he has a hankering to hold me too. Historically, here is how it happened. He high-jacked my heart with so much hot-blooded, hazardous, heavenly, hanky-panky, and had me so hard-up, I hardly hesitated. Headfirst, I fell. However, happily, I happened to hang on to his heart, too. It helps to have it here. However, he is so hugely habit-forming, that I am hopelessly hooked. I can hardly halt the hypnotic, haunting hallucinations. Hurry home, Honey!

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