Forever I'm filled with fondness for my fearless fellow's fantastic finesse. Flashes of flame and flush flaunt festive fancies. His feisty flair for finding my feminine features, finds him flirting with forbidden fruit, fluttering fingers frivolously frolic, feeling familiar fluids flourish, faucets flow... fuel for his favorite fantasy. Faint, feeble, futile feelings fade fast. Floating flowery fabric fortuitously falls from friendly flesh to floor. Flimsy fashions are flung in flurries on fans, followed by frequent, fervent flailing. Forwardly fondling foreskin, I fixate on a Freudian fascination for feasting friskily on a full, firm, feverish, frankfurter. I fish for a few favorite folds for feathery French fellatio. Further, further, I fondly force his fullness to a frenzied flood of ferociously frantic fluctuations. Falcons flock, feathers fly in a far flung, fierce, fiery finale... friction! fury! fusion! fun!

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