I will be eternally enslaved and enmeshed in your exotic eyes that so easily, effectively and effortlessly electrify my erogenous zones, evoking extensive exuberance, eradicating and eliminating essentially every excuse for evading this exceptional experience. I can only equate this ecstasy with eden which it even eclipses in its exceedingly and excruciatingly evident effect. I envision eventually eons of embraces, entwining each other every evening. My emotions encompass endless and enduring enthusiasm. This encounter is either an elixir or else an eloquent, all encompassing, Ever-enduring completely enveloping endeavor to endear myself to you... enchantment enough to erase all else in the universe. I want to entice you to expose my entire desire and extinguish my erotic embers. Explore me. Excite me. Enter, exploit and exhaust me! I eagerly employ erotic exercises until you eventually exhibit embarrassing but encouraging evidence, and your enormously engorged erection emerges. Eureka! Enjoying the extreme epidermal elasticity of my efforts, I encourage you to the edge of ecstasy, the erotic episode escalates, the energy elevates, then the whole enchilada explodes! Thank you, Honey, that was... EXCELLENT. Care for an encore?

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