It can't come as a coincidence that our completely compatible, colossally combustible, clandestine courtship could contain cupid's cunning. It's continually curious that this crazy compelling craving could cause me to covet this condition. I can confess complete cognizance in my compulsion to concoct a cozy corner for captivating conversation, confidential connections and carnal caresses. A colorful combination of candles, camisoles and cleavage could cause me to captivate my captain. Capturing candid clues, I coax him closer and closer. Chemistry claims coherency and composure ceases it’s cleverly cloaked constraints and conquers concealed conditions. Charmed and crimson, I couch my crime with a chuckle, but with crystal clear clarity, I conspire to consummate this celibate condition and chance to cross chasms and canyons to convince my capable but cautious captain to claim his courage and cast off caution... To commit this censored ceremony and claim another cherished chapter. Charting his course, he commences with calm certainty. Cooly calculating, he causes my every cell, my every capillary to cooperate. Circumstances cloud consequences and casting off constricting clothing, he uncovers my curves... Contact! He clutches. I cry! He commands. I comply to a complete culmination of this climactic coupling. Come... Keep me company!

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