My beloved bohemian, bearing big, brawny biceps, briefly but bluntly brushes busty blossoms, bathing bashful begonias with a billion biochemical beacons, boldly beckoning budding bosoms to bloom beneath a billowing blouse. Being a bizzare but blatant barometer, I bewitch my boisterous bandit by bearing brave beautiful berries. Behold! breasts bounce, brows blush, the banquet begins. My bias bends blindly because my beau's bazooka's bottomless bullets are boundless. Building to a bona fide boner, I brace myself for the bonus. Blastoff! Blood boils, bedsprings bend, buff buns blure, bodies bond, bonfires blaze. Balanced on the borderline between bliss and berserk, I beg for breath, a brief break before my barbarian's banana bulges to the brink, building... building... and bursts beneath my burning bush! Bonanza! Both breathless and brainless, and boggled beyond belief, we beam blearily from the blast. Bravo, Baby, bravo!

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