Abandoned and alone in his absence, I ache across the abyss for my Aladdin's abiding affection. Although apart, I am absolutely activated and amazingly affected by this archetypal, ageless and astoundingly authentic affair. Ambivalent at first, I attempted to avoid his avid advances. Although, I admit an affinity for his adventurous and adamant ambitions. Alas, I accepted an allegiance to this ancient alliance and actually allowed his ardent advances. Now attached, I aspire to arouse his appreciation with an ambiance of artful articles to attract his attention. I adorn my anatomy abundantly with aesthetic artistry and alluring attire... accentuating arms, ankles, abdomen. All are aphrodisiacs, Apollo's ambrosia, Aphrodite's apricots. Activated by an all absorbing anticipation, I articulate adjectives, and anecdotal analogies; and awaken his amorous appetite with all out alphabetical alliteration. After which, an appealing and awesomely ample appendage arises! I astutely acknowledge, admire and appreciate the apparent agenda as my adept Archer's agile arrow aims at an awakened apex, awaiting ascent. I anxiously announce an awareness of an approaching avalanche. Now airborne above the azure atmosphere, accelerating to an astronomical altitude, I arch almost without apprehension as his atomic weapon acquires access to my avenue! Aflutter, aglow, alive, aflame, ablaze, Ahhhhh!! Again?, he asks. Addled, I answer agreeably, another? Already? ...Alright!

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